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Online NECA Basic Estimating classes - #477 Negotiations Survey

Good Morning!

First off, I want our members to be among the first to know that NECA National has scheduled two new online sessions of Basic Estimating classes. Basic Estimating is one of the most in-demand classes NECA offers, and during COVID the online sessions have been filling up very quickly so if you are interested in enrolling any of your staff, I recommend you do so today.

To register, click the links above for either the early morning or mid-morning session. You will need your NECA National member ID to register. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Second, the Local #477 Inside and Residential Agreements will soon be open for negotiations. In order to obtain the best possible settlement, we need as much input as possible from our members on what you all need to be successful in securing work in Local #477. Please take a few minutes and help our negotiating committee members better serve you by offering your input! You can fill out the survey HERE. If you'd like to review the current Local #477 Inside Agreement, you can find that on the "members only" page (button on top right of screen) - you'll need to re-enter the password "1688" to view that page.

Lastly, as you know, the LMCC and JATC have been working on getting contractors on board and using the Anchorock system to track employee training and certifications. The Anchorock system allows contractors to track various types of certifications including CPR, OSHA and more, and to instantly verify CA State Certification via an integration with the Department of Industrial Relations. We currently have eight contractor members who are using the system and enjoying it. There is no cost to individual contractors to use this system, so if you have not signed up yet, simply click this link for more information, and then click the yellow "Access IBEW Cloud Account" button to get started.

Have a great rest of your week, and feel free to reach out anytime!


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