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1st General Membership Meeting of 2021, NECA Now, and Equal Pay Reporting

Happy Monday - here are a few items to be aware of as you start a new week. We are excited to host our first General Membership meeting of 2021 on Wednesday, March 17 at 2:30 p.m. at the Chapter office (1688 Plum Lane, Redlands).

Alec Acevedo of Federated Insurance will present "Drive S.A.F.E.R", a program created to raise awareness of factors leading to car crashes, and specifically provide risk management techniques for businesses to address these alarming trends.

In addition, we will hold a roundtable discussion regarding our proposals and ideas for the upcoming round of contract negotiations with IBEW Local #477. Please plan to join us - we need your feedback to obtain the best possible settlement in this round of negotiations. We hope you can attend, either in person or via Zoom - please register here.

Many NECA contractors consider NECA Now to be among the most useful and enlightening events that NECA hosts. NECA Now focuses on leadership development with presentations by top business experts. No reports, no speeches. The conference is held every other year, and this year it will be held virtually on April 13 and 14th, and it will include some very interesting sessions and speakers - including TV personality and skilled trades promoter Mike Rowe. This year's registration fee is discounted to $400, now through March 30. Find more information and register here.

Lastly, an important reminder from our lobbyist Eddie Bernacchi for our members who have 100 or more employees (and at least one employee in California) about the new Equal Pay Reporting requirement. The deadline for employers to comply with California’s pay data reporting requirement (SB 973) and submit pay data to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is March 31, 2021.

SB 973 required pay data reporting by employers in an effort to encourage and ensure wage parity for women and minorities. The law requires employers with 100 or more employees who currently, under federal law, must file an annual Employer Information Report (EEO-1), to submit similar information to the DFEH. The annual report to the DFEH requires the number of employees (and hours they worked): (1) by race, ethnicity, and sex; (2) in each of the job categories in the federal EEO-1 Report; (3) whose annual earnings fall within each of the pay bands used by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Occupational Employment Statistics survey.

The DFEH has launched an information page that provides needed clarity on obligations and has issued additional guidance on the pay data report’s contents. DFEH has also updated its pay data reporting website.

We hope to see you at the GM meeting on March 17th! Have a great week.

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